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Jess grew up in Fresno, California about 4 hours north of Los Angeles. At 18 she decided that she wanted to give modeling a try and experience living somewhere new. She quit her pizza job, took her last check for $350 and moved to Los Angeles with almost nothing except a lot of ambition and dreams. After a lot of hard work and many nights in hotels, and once in the car, she booked her first big job (a Starbucks ad in China) and was able to move here to start her career full time.

Since then she has worked hard to establish her modeling career and have a happy life in Los Angeles. Jess has been modeling full time for 11 years now. She works part time in indoor plant maintenance and patio landscaping, while also earning her degree in Psychology. 


Jess' favorite things: Music, hiking, traveling, playing video games, gardening, reading, binging Netflix shows, yoga, swimming, cats, food and painting.


"I am a fun loving, easy going, adventurous person. I plan to model for years to come along with doing a plethora of other things! I definitely consider myself a renaissance person; I love trying new things and experiencing the most out of life. "

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